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What is SSL? How does it work?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that secures data transmission over the internet. SSL is designed to protect users' personal information and sensitive data using data encryption and authentication methods. SSL provides a security protocol between websites and browsers to ensure that data is transmitted securely.

How SSL Works:

When the user tries to access a website, the browser sends a connection request to the web server. If the server is secured with an SSL certificate, it will accept this request.

Certificate Validation:
The server presents an SSL certificate to the browser to identify itself. The scanner checks that this certificate is signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA - Certificate Authority). If the certificate is valid and reliable, the browser indicates a secure connection to the user with visual signs such as a green lock icon or a lock icon in the address bar.

Key Exchange:
The browser and server generate unique keys that they will use to encrypt and decrypt the transmitted data. These keys are created with asymmetric encryption (public-key cryptography), a method used to encrypt and decrypt data.

Data Encryption:
After the keys are generated, the data transmitted between the browser and the server is encrypted using symmetric-key cryptography. This means that the data is understandable only to the receiver and sender.

Data Transmission:
Encrypted data is transmitted securely over the internet. Decoding of this data can only be done by the receiving server.

Data Decoding:
The server uses its private key to decrypt the received encrypted data. In this way, the data is restored to its original state.

Thanks to SSL technology, data transmission between users' browsers and websites is encrypted and secure. This prevents third parties from accessing or manipulating data, so users' personal information and sensitive data remain safe.

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What is SSL? How does it work?