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Logo design As in all design areas in our country, there is some neglect in this area. Ankara logo design, however, it is emphasized that one of the criteria of sustainability is good design ... While this is the case, we will talk to you about “How should an effective logo design be? Ankara Logo Design What should be considered?” etc. he wanted to share a post on the topics.

For businesses that have just been established or need a new Ankara logo design; Please Ankara logo design will be taken into account:

Is the logo compatible with your design sector? Understanding this may actually require some knowledge, but you can also have an idea by researching. Ankara logo design; For example, the food and beverage sector tends to use logos with a top/title more. Of course, this kind of grouping/perspective makes some sense in graphic design, but if we get into that topic, the article may take a little longer, maybe let's say another article.

In order to have an idea about Ankara logo design, you can examine the logos of companies in the same sector as you. I especially recommend that you look at examples not only in Turkey, but also abroad. Of course, there is no rule that your new logo will look like these logos, it may even be a design completely outside of them. Looking at other logo design will give you an idea on the overall visual perception of your industry.

Remember, our first rule is to be compatible with your logo design sector, Ankara logo design directly evokes your sector!

Simple logo design
One of the most important features you will be looking for in logo design is simplicity.

The Ankara logo design should be simple.

Logo design graphic designers have a very nice motto that sums up the subject, since it rhymes in English, with your permission, I'll write it first “If design is not a solution, then it's pollution.” (If the design does not offer a solution, it is nothing but pollution). If you adopt this motto as a motto for yourself, your job becomes much easier when it comes to understanding a good design.

Is there a color/stain/shape somewhere in the logo design? If this color/stain/shape does not work, if it does not make sense, it means that it is not successful in terms of design. you can cancel the logo design directly!

Ankara logo design simplicity is something that is quite difficult to capture in design, but once it is caught, nothing can stand out so strikingly.

Logo design complex designs are not memorable. Another advantage of simple designs is that they can be adapted to different scales very easily and smoothly/smoothly.

Something like this also helps to understand simplicity: Ankara logo design is tested on your website, on a large banner, in a magazine advertisement, on twitter, on an envelope or in a much more diverse area. Ankara logo design should be understood and simple in the same way in all of them.

Avoid Special Effects
Logo design Shadows, gradients and other effects may look very attractive when designing or at the first moment; it is useful not to fall for this charm!

Ankara logo design these types of effects are the ones that cause the most damage to simplicity and clear perception of the logo…

Logo design; In the past years, when there was no online world, such effects only on paper or in logos used on billboards, etc., gave a relatively more understandable appearance, but today, especially in the digital design environment, such effects create a mess.

Color Connections
Ankara logo design Colors have meanings that can change according to cultures. Research the meanings of colors, try to use the colors in the meanings that you find compatible with your industry. First, you can determine your color chart and then you can also make your logo based on the colors that the graphic designer has chosen.

Ankara logo design;If you want to use more than one color and your logo will appear outside online environments, in this case it is recommended to choose between 2-4 colors (multiple colors in printed materials is a little more difficult to apply, it requires attention, so keeping the color selection Decently can reduce the risk in print quality). logo design, but if you are going to use your logo mainly on the web, there may not be much harm in using too many colors (although I think it would be better to write down all the areas you will use your logo with risks and decide accordingly).

Functional Size
Logo design Imagine that you have grown up to a single-storey house.. or can it be read when you look from a distance of 1-2 meters when you are in the corner of a letterhead?

Logo design if possible, test it in all the areas you will use. It should be readable/understandable in all of them!

logo design Keep in mind that the appearance on the screen and the appearance in the offline application often do not match each other. how does the logo design look like? The more you can test it, the better!..

Logo Design User Manual
After determining the logo design, be sure to prepare a logo user manual.

Ankara logo design will not go down under which size? How will it be used on what color floors? How much space should be left on the edges of your logo? Logo design You can prepare a simple booklet in which these and similar questions are answered.

Information about Your New Logo
If you have changed the logo design, be sure to inform the people you are in contact with. Prepare a press release stating that you have changed your logo. Inform all the people and institutions you are in contact with about your new logo.

Share your new logo on all channels on social media, especially channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, where visuality is at the forefront, especially on all channels. Announce Ankara logo design from your website. Of course, most importantly/first of all, update your logo in all offline/online areas:).

A new logo means new costs. Ankara logo design Therefore, you already have a logo and if you want to get a new one, think about these costs and ask the following question: logo design “ Will a new logo give you a new recognition, or will it eliminate the recognition you have gained over the years?" logo design Do not decide to renew your logo without answering this question.

logo design Finally, if you want your logo, you can have it made to an agency, or to websites that serve only for this job. It is possible to reach such sites or agencies by doing a little research. It is useful to keep the above criteria in mind when deciding which one to have done. don't forget to review your previous logo design jobs as well.

Ankara logo design is your most important visual representative, it will not be neglected!

If you have any questions, please contact us! Between working hours (9:00 Dec – 18:00), +90 542 425 82 80 you can contact us by our phone number or you can send your questions to us directly by sending an e-mail to the address; or if you have any questions, please contact us using the form in the “contact” section of our Website with your contact information!…

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