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Why Some Bosses Are More Liked

Being an exemplary leader/manager/boss is the dream of every leader at the beginning of the road... But dreams can sometimes backfire, especially if there is a situation like leadership that “holds the power”.

Every employee has managers/bosses they like, as well as dislikes... According to a Gallup study, dislike of the manager ranks at the top of reasons for changing jobs with 65%.

So what do the memorable, exemplary, well-liked bosses/managers do differently from others? Why do we “love” them?

Being a well-liked boss has a lot to do with being popular or gaining “great achievements”. The way to become a memorable boss is largely through the attitude towards the employee. People who focus on the development of their employees in parallel with their own development, can communicate well, are humane and have high empathy are candidates to be a good boss.

Continuous and Meaningful Communication
Good bosses develop a sustainable communication language. Leaders who value the other person's ideas, especially listen to their employees on problems and are able to develop solutions are one step ahead of others…

One of the problems that employees experience with their bosses/ managers is lack of communication. An open language of communication in which everyone can express themselves positively affects employee motivation and productivity.

They Support Development
He listens to employee feedback, mentoring, trainings, etc. they support their development with vehicles.

"Achieving a difficult job" makes employees happy. The support given by the boss on the way to achieving the difficult task adds him to the unforgettable list Dec.

They Can Combine Their Titles with Their Feelings
Being an authority figure is often interpreted as not showing your feelings, unfortunately, it is added that professionalism requires it. On the contrary, unforgettable bosses show their emotions, they can manage their emotions in a balanced way with their titles.

They are very generous in showing their appreciation and gratitude for extra effort, a well-done job, hard work. However, in situations that go badly, they manage to express their concerns and concerns humanely in a way that does not break the other person's motivation.

Their professionalism, blended with humanism, arouses admiration more than love

They Protect Employees from Possible Risks
In order to protect employees from a possible risk/error, they can take measures in some cases without their knowledge. Let's say a risky job / a crisis is expected, sometimes in order to protect employees from a crisis, he can take on this job alone and ensure that the results affect at least one person.

They Lead with Their Behavior
He leads with his behavior, not with his authority. He does not hide behind his title, he does not try to rule through fear or oppression. On the contrary, with his words and behavior, he arouses the desire of employees to work with him as an example.

They Embrace a Greater Ideal
Every boss/manager must have an ideal/goal. Beloved bosses are aiming for a bigger goal. They play an active role not only in achieving the company's goals, but also in areas such as developing a new way of doing business and/or an approach, protecting and improving employee rights, and developing a company culture. Their ideal is not the goals set to protect the existing structure, but to realize the goals that will take the company and each of the working individuals further…

What's Not Working?
If you want, let's talk a little about the well-known mistakes. Especially in our country, there are also very frequent applications among those that we will mention in a moment. Dec. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, the following does not work much towards being a “good boss”, and can even be repulsive to employees most of the time.

What are these:

Employee of the Month/Year, etc. competition of employees with elections
Defined “rank” reminder privileges for Bosses/Managers; special parking areas for bosses, etc.
Social Events, especially those that are “not mandatory” to go, almost create a pressure to go :).
Boring or even a bit oppressive surveys/assessments in which employees evaluate each other/the company.
In short, love is the key to being a good boss, just like everything else. Humane and visionary bosses who work with love enter the hearts and maintain their place among the unforgettable ones for a long time. Dec.

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Why Some Bosses Are More Liked