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7 Ways to Improve Your Website

Your website is and should be the focus of all Digital Marketing. There are quite big differences between two Decently and poorly designed websites in terms of earnings and attractiveness. Here we have written for you 7 important tips for improving your website, where you can increase your online earnings.

Ankara Web Design There is a new philosophy called ’Growth-Oriented Web Design'. This is also our favorite Web design model. Since there is continuous development in this field, this is a structure that allows you to catch up or even surpass the leaders in the industry with constantly increasing small improvements.

But the first difficult task is to evaluate your existing site and understand what a good (or bad) website means, and then to know how you can improve your website. Ankara Web design Since every business has different needs, these needs will depend more on your business. In this article, we have brought together 7 important tips that will help you improve your website and digital presence Dec.

What Should I Expect From a Good Website in General?

There are a number of general rules and functions that must be followed. For example, a mobile-friendly website design should be fast and perfect. If you want to use your website for marketing purposes, you should optimize every element by taking into account all the design features and make it worth your time.

Many services that can evaluate website design online can also help you find out if your website is working properly. Unfortunately, their understanding of how good your Ankara Web design website is may be ‘weak’. We'll get back to that in a moment.

Here are 7 important ways you can improve your website

Mobile-friendly design
Speed Optimization
Call to Action (CTAs)
Campaign arrival pages
Blog pages
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Dec.
As we have just mentioned, we will share some links that may be useful for Ankara Web design. But these links are not from the ‘sensitive’ points of view that a professional web designer would recommend. By sensitive, we mean; Instead of technical and functional analytical evaluation made by artificial intelligence, it is an understanding made by business experts that Deciphers technique and aesthetics together. Please contact Garanti Media about how you can develop a website design.

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Mobile-Friendly Design
This is the most basic problem of websites today. If your website is not designed for mobile compatibility, your loss is quite large. 80% of the traffic from Social Media is generated from mobile devices. These figures may rise even higher according to the good user experience offered. The most effective way for you to drive traffic to your website is for your website to be mobile compatible. Therefore, you should create a strategy to take place in the minds of your mobile users or visitors!

In addition, Google and other search engines penalize websites that are not mobile compatible, so not solving this problem will also Dec Decrement traffic from search engines to you.

You can test the mobile compatibility of your website with this test: Mobile Compatibility test

Optimize Your Speed
A fast website makes a better impression than a slow website and provides a great user experience. If you want to use your website for marketing purposes, you should take into account that people in general are impatient. If your website loads more than 3 seconds later, you are probably losing 50% of your visitors. When we look at your return on investment, we also add the speed of your website to the equation!

The speed of your website can have a big impact on your sales. Remember, time is money.

The most ideal is for a website to load in less than 2 seconds, which really requires dedication. The largest e-commerce site in the world is Amazon. When they improved page loads by 0.1 seconds, they increased their revenue by 10% per second. It takes 0.5 seconds for their homepage to load, and it should be said that they are doing their best to keep their speed at the highest.

With this test, you can learn the speed of your website and see what you need to do to improve it: Google Page Speed Insight

With this article, you can also learn how to improve the speed of your website: The Speed of your Website may be making you lose money

Calls to Action
Many businesses do not want visitors to their websites to take an action on the site. This makes no sense to us, because our business model is only for the sake of encouraging actions. Most of the sites we look at for our customers do not have Calls to Action (CTA). This is quite alarming.

If you are using your website for marketing purposes, it is similar to not having a ios system or a cash register when you are attracting customers to your store by advertising on a billboard. You never say to a customer who comes to buy something, “thank you, but come back another time”. This is a very strange situation, and it is similar to this that you do not have calls to action.

Calls to Action are one of the sine qua non of a Website. And there should be a lot of calls to action, for example, giving shopping recommendations, booking, leaving contact information, signing up for your newsletter, or contacting you for questions. If you are going to spend money to attract people to your website, you need to decide what you want them to do there.

Campaign Arrival Page
Another classic problem of website design is the lack of separate Campaign Arrival Pages. Ankara web design If you are conducting a digital marketing campaign, you can increase the conversion of your visitors 10 times more with a well-designed arrival page.

Ankara web design still redirects visitors to the main page of the site in most digital campaigns. And most of the time that home page doesn't contain a call to action. How much of a huge marketing cost does Web design look like being thrown into the trash!

When you publish a digital campaign, you should direct your visitors to a destination page dedicated to that campaign to maximize your return on investment. This arrival page is customized for that campaign and should focus on converting visitors into customers or links.

You can get more information about creating a destination page that will create a conversion from this article: Ankara web design How to create impressive Destination Pages?

Blog Pages
Most website design these days they treat like online business cards, you leave contact information so that people can get back to you, which rarely works. Ankara Web design It is always better to present a business card that is more animated, but it is always better to attract attention and be engraved in the memory.

The problem is that potential visitors who come to website design may not know your contact information or products at all. Ankara web design They may be interested to find out what your products or services mean to them, that's where storytelling can be very effective!

With the web design Blog, you can provide valuable and interesting information aimed at your target audience for free. You can build trust and authority over your audience by giving valuable information for free. October web design If you add great calls to action to your blog articles, you can turn your visitors into customers!

For more information about web design blogging, you can read this article: Be the best of bloggers

Ankara web design To get more information about how content can go viral, you can read this article: 6 tips for creating viral content

Decryption of Search Engine Optimization
There are a number of rules about how you should Deconstruct your website so that search engines can easily index your site. If you are ranked high on the search results pages with a Decently done SEO, it can bring you a lot of new business.

GOOGLE SEO has no hidden tactics. Ankara Web design If you provide great content that visitors will like and share, you will get a high score. A great user experience is essential, and don't forget the help of a well-functioning Website.

The most important thing to Decipher is that search engine optimization is a process. It is not a job that is done and finished once. Ankara web design is a work that needs to be updated December regularly.

This test gives you a grade about your website and suggests what you need to do to improve it. It also includes on-site SEO: Website Design

In addition, if you want a more detailed test, you can contact Garanti Media.

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You should take the security on your website seriously. There are so many sites with malware that hackers have placed in the name of discovering vulnerabilities for illegal actions. You may not think this will happen to you, but you should know the fact that if you don't protect your website, it will eventually happen to you!

Today's hackers are not kids sitting at a computer trying to get into websites. Web design Hacking is a big business nowadays. The website design of bots programmed by professionals is to infiltrate and search for weak points. When they find it, they access the resources by stealing the main processor power, memory and bandwidth. These resources are also used to send SPAM emails, illegal distribution of materials, and stolen movies and music.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Website