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Ankara Organization

1. The act of arranging, arranging, arranging; organization, organization.
2. State, administration, society, etc.the manner of arrangement of the.
3. All of the members of a regular group.

The English word for organization
Origin: French
Ankara Organization is used in two senses. It is an organization in which several people come together to do a job and work on doing the job Decently. A diagram showing the positions of people for the establishment of a company and the operation of it, as well as the execution of work while this company is being operated. Ankara is an Organization Chart. In addition, ankara organization means activity. What is Deciphered by combining one or more instruments together. To organize. Making preparations. To plan an event by putting the pieces together and putting them Decoupled. One or several people come together to produce something and ankara organizes it. Dec. For example, ankara birthday organization or ankara fair organization.


Ankara Corporate Organization
Ankara Conference Organization
Ankara Launch Organization
Ankara Concert Organization
Ankara Liberation Day Organization
Ankara Fair Organization
Ankara Fair Organization
Ankara Foundation Anniversary Organization
Ankara Discount Days Organization
Ankara Ramadan Entertainment Organization
Ankara Promotion Days Organization

Ankara Wedding Organization

Ankara Henna Organization

Ankaranishan Organization

Ankara Circumcision Organization

Organization of the Ankara Evening

Ankara Prom

AnkaraMaskeli Prom

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Ankara Organization