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Turkish English word ”production“ transferred from the word ”production" in the origin of "product=product" contains the concept. When examined in terms of the direct translation of the word, it means “production= production”. However, from a sectoral point of view, we use the word “production” in the sense of “production”. When considering a work of art or an art production, “Ankara production” describes the team- the person responsible for the making and completion of this work.

The production team is originally responsible for the correct expenditure of the main budget. They have the authority to fulfill the preferences and wishes of the director and other employees charged with aesthetic pursuits, or to change them depending on the budget.

Theoretically, the production team consists of the Producer, the Implementing Producer, the Production Supervisor, the Venue Manager, the Production Assistants (runner, chef assistant). Depending on the budget of the project, the team can grow or be kept narrower.

Ankara production; The producer is responsible for maintaining the main budget. The practicing producer is responsible for Decoupling the financial crises between the aesthetic team and the production team. The production supervisor is responsible for the mechanics and assistants, and must also ensure the safety of the set vehicles and crews.

On a movie set with an average budget;

Production Team
The Reji Team
Image Team
Sound Team
The Light Team
Catering Team
The Set Team
Art Team
The Costume Team
Hairdresser- Makeup Artist vs
There is a Post-Production Team.
Production is usually established with the structure of a chef and two assistants. According to the budget, a smaller and more mobile team can also be established by increasing the responsibilities of team employees. Ankara Production company is also responsible for arranging these teams according to the budget of a film, advertising or promotional project and positioning them correctly.

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Ankara Production