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Corporate Promotional Film

You can prepare a promotional film for the promotion of your company by contacting your customers directly and increasing your brand value with effective communication, you can get a more solid place for your company in commercial life. Some preparations and some procedures should be made while shooting a corporate promotional film.


In principle, sensitivity to some principles should be shown in the preparation of promotional videos. At this point, actions should be taken to give the right message to the customer. After the correct message has been determined, the shooting and editing process should be carried out with the right technical equipment and the right team. At this point, when we look at the basic principles of the promotional film;

The status of the target audience,
Ankara Concept creation,
Ankara Script,
Ankara Story Board stage,
Ankara Voiceover text,
Professional video shooting,
Aerial shooting Flycam Drone,
Ankara Graphic design and Ankara animation,
Ankara Voiceover,
Ankara Editing and Editing,
Ankara Streaming
the stages are the process steps to be followed for the promotional video.

Clip shooting, which can also be considered under special types such as corporate promotional film, company promotional film and factory promotional film, can be prepared in such a way as to promote your company in accordance with the appropriate purpose by performing the Ankara professional shooting process.


The promotional film shooting process may change the size according to your company's portfolio. While you will need an internationally recognized face to promote an international company, if you are going to shoot a video for a company on a local basis, then you will need a face suitable for your company's target audience.


In order for the company to complete the promotional film, along with the final technical procedures, the stage of completing the film and releasing the promotional film arrives. After the operations completed with field shootings, the installation operations are carried out with professional voice acting and professional editing team by moving to the studio environment. At this stage, operations are performed precisely at each step. This step, which is an indispensable process for your gigantic Media Company to turn into a corporate company, will complete the Ankara promotional film by achieving a characteristic structure with special background music, special lead character and special logo designs.


At the last stage, there is also promotional video marketing, that is, your meeting with the target audience. This point represents your meeting with your target audience and the formation of a bond between you. Dec. You can increase the brand value of your company by using promotional options with moving visual media such as billboards with video, televisions, cinemas, as well as print media options.

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Corporate Promotional Film