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Threads is a mobile messaging and sharing application developed by Facebook. Basically, it allows users to have a more private and focused communication with their close friends. Threads works integrated with Facebook Messenger, so users can see and message their Messenger friends through Threads.

Threads provides users with features such as photo and video sharing, instant messaging, story sharing and location sharing. The application allows users to share their instant status or activity with their close friends. In addition, users can also make automatic status updates based on information such as location or speed with the "Auto Status" feature.

The app also includes the "Close Friends" feature. With this feature, users can add certain friends to their "Close Friends" list and limit their sharing with these people only. Thus, they get a more special and authentic experience.

Threads also allows users to edit their stories, add filters and special effects. Stories consist of photos and videos shared with close friends, and stories are automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

This application aims to provide a more private and focused communication experience for Facebook users. It is an ideal option for users who want to establish a tighter connection with close friends and interact with them more deeply.