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e-commerce is the new trend | s-commerce

social commerce, defined as ’the use of social networks in e-commerce', is the rising shopping model of the digital age... social platforms such as Facebook with 2 billion users, YouTube with 1.5 billion users, Instagram with 800 million people have started to become the storefronts of stores.
KPMG Turkey investigated ‘social commerce', the new channel of e-commerce that shook retail habits. Social commerce, which has grown 10 times in five years, will have a devastating impact on retail with the influence of the incoming generation Z.
Fikret Çetinkaya, KPMG Turkey Consumer Products and Retail Sector Leader, said, "Social commerce, which has been used as a concept since 2005, covers both e-commerce transactions made through social networks and the impact of social networks on consumers' purchasing decisions through e-commerce. The use of social networks, which has grown at a serious rate, has also begun to transform online shopping. Therefore, the concept of social trade is rising,”he said.

s-the most important data for trading
-According to Statista data, 53 percent of the world's population, which reached over 7.5 billion in January 2018, that is, 4 billion of them are active Internet users. 3.2 Billion of them are active on social media platforms. This figure was 97 million in 2010.

-Facebook is in the first place among social media platforms with more than 2 billion users.Dec. It is followed by YouTube with 1.5 billion users and WhatsApp with 1.3 billion users. Instagram has 800 million users, Twitter has 330 million, LinkedIn has 260 million, Snapchat has 255 million and Pinterest has 200 million users.

-Brands also determine their preferences in social media marketing in this direction. Facebook is the first choice among social platforms with a rate of 94 percent.Dec. He is followed by Twitter with 68 percent, LinkedIn with 56 percent, Instagram with 54 percent, YouTube with 45 percent, Pinterest with 30 percent.

91% of retail brands use two or more social platforms for marketing activities.

-The total size of social trade in the world was $ 5 billion in 2011. in 2016, this figure increased to $ 50 billion. Sunday Sunday According to Technavio's Global Social Commerce Market 2017-2021 report, the market is projected to reach approximately $166 billion by 2021.

51 Million people in Turkey are on social media
-According to We Are Social and Hootsuite 2018 data, there are about 54 million internet and 51 million social media users in Turkey. Turkey ranks 13th in the world in social media use.

-Smartphone usage is increasing rapidly in Turkey. By 2021, 84 percent of the population will use smartphones.

-Social media is used very intensively in Turkey. Social media penetration is around 63 percent, well above the global average of 42 percent. Since January 2017, the number of social media users has grown by 6 percent. Users spend about 3 hours a day on social media platforms. In terms of the number of Facebook users in the world, Turkey is 9th with 51 million users. in line.

-Turkey is the second in the world with 94 percent of internet users watching online videos. In other words, 94 out of every 100 people who use the internet watch online videos.Saudi Arabia is in the first place with a rate of 98 percent.

-Despite these figures, the total e-commerce penetration in Turkey is 43 percent, and the mobile commerce penetration is 30 percent. E-commerce penetration across retail is at 3.5 percent. According to Euromonitor's forecasts, this rate will increase to 4.3 percent in 2021.

An overview of social commerce and shopping

According to the survey conducted by KPMG Turkey with the participation of 314 consumers for this study, 92 percent of consumers in Turkey visit social networks at least once a week, and 65 percent visit video viewing platforms. In third place are forums and dictionaries with 55 percent.

Social platforms are most often used for watching videos (66 percent) and sharing/acquiring new videos, listening to music (64 percent). Half of consumers are also on social platforms for shopping purposes... According to age groups, it is noteworthy that 61 percent of generation X uses social networks for business purposes and 87 percent of generation Z uses them for listening to music. 80 Percent of generation Z also uses social platforms for shopping purposes. 94% say that they have made online purchases in the past 12 months, 43% say that their shopping frequency is 1 time per month, and 24% say that it is 2-3 times per month. The frequency of shopping in generation X can be up to once a week (13 percent)

According to the survey, shopping with smartphones is increasing significantly in Turkey. While 71 percent of the participants shop from a desktop computer, 57 percent do it from a smartphone. Although in the minority, 25 percent of generation X prefers tablets, generation Z shops both from desktop (77 percent) and phone (69 percent).

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e-commerce is the new trend | s-commerce