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Color and Typography Selection in Web Design

The choice of color and typography in web design are important factors that affect the user experience. The right combination of color and typography is critical to reflect the purpose of your website, highlight the content and allow users to navigate comfortably. Here are some tips for choosing color and typography:

Color Selection:

Brand Colors: Use your brand's color palette or choose appropriate colors to reflect your brand. Colors reinforce brand identity.

Emotional Impact: Colors have an emotional impact. For example, blue symbolizes confidence, red energy and orange mobility. Think about the emotional messages your target audience will perceive.

Contrast and Readability: Consider the contrast between background and text colors. Sufficient contrast is important to ensure readability of texts.

Color Matches: You can create harmonious color palettes using color wheels. Choose auxiliary colors as well as primary colors.

Minimalism: Avoid using too many colors. Keeping the website design clean and minimalist offers a more effective look.

Typography Selection:

Readability: The legibility of the fonts used is very important. Clean, clear and legible fonts should be preferred.

Compatible Combinations: Choose compatible font combinations for the title, subtitle, and body text. It is important to maintain consistency between fonts.

Spacing and Dimensions: Emphasize hierarchy by regularly adjusting spacing and size differences between headings, subheadings, and text.

Relevance to Your Brand: Font selection should reflect your brand's personality. For example, if you are a formal business, you may prefer more professional fonts.

Mobile Compatibility: Adjust font sizes and spacing to ensure readability on mobile devices as well.

Your color and typography choices greatly affect the perception of your website or app. Choosing colors and typefaces for the purpose of your design can have a positive impact on the user experience.

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Color and Typography Selection in Web Design