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Zara e-commerce Store

How many online shopping apps are there on average on your smartphones? I'm 4-5 right now. One of them is even Zara. If we question why we are shopping from applications / websites instead of visiting stores or physically shopping, there are many reasons. Because our time is precious. Because it's not exhausting. Because we can reach the products we want more easily instead of getting tired by traveling. Jul, Jul, because we can supply the products in a clean and packaged state, such as…

While the Online Marketing trend is gaining value every day, it has started to switch to the e-commerce concept in physical stores by necessity. Zara, a ready-to-wear brand, is one of the first brands to open a store in this direction.

A New Concept, a New Trend in Merchandising: The Guide Store
The “guide store” system, which was opened completely for online sales and easy product exchange, is quite impressive. When you enter the store in this new system where product sales do not take place, you can try any product you want with the help of sales consultants and you can place an order by scanning the QR code on the products with the optical barcode reader given to you at the entrance or by entering the product PIN code. You can pay in the store, via ZaraApp or the Inditex Group application, InWallet, using your mobile phone. Orders placed by 14.00 arrive at your door on the same day. In addition to the usual cashier's desks, the store also has an automatic pay area.

In January 2018, Zara opened a pop-up store at the Westfield Stratford shopping center in London, which is completely focused on e-commerce. The store, which Zara opened to improve the customer experience offered in its stores, was designed to allow customers to shop quickly and then pay for the products they have purchased quickly. One of the interesting details of the store is that there are interactive mirrors in the trial booths that act just like a personal shopper and give recommendations to customers based on the products they have tried. “Well, what more!" it is a matter of curiosity what rival brands will do after this new technological pop-up store of Zara, which makes you say.

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Zara e-commerce Store