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Virtual Store

In this article, which we have prepared for those who want to open a virtual store or, in other words, set up an e-commerce site, we will try to convey to you the topics that are as effortless and cost-free as possible. Although it may sound simple when you read it, many companies and managers ignore these simple marketing and promotional activities in their commercial life. Dec.

1- share the address of your e-commerce site with your friends
Now a strict internet user has facebook, twitter, google + and pinterest accounts, which is a new medium. Share information and products about your site through these social network accounts that you own. Don't ask your friends if you would like to shop while sharing, ask them to share with other friends.

2-Use Google Adwords and Facebook ads
The world's search giant Google, get acquainted with the Deconstruction of Adwords, which allows you to advertise through its own network. Thanks to these advertising networks, you can reach visitors who are looking for the product you are selling directly, and you can easily reach the plans you have scaled in a short time. In addition, the number of visitors to your site can also increase quickly.

In the same way, on Facebook, the largest social network in the world, the members have the job they do, the team they hire, their age, etc.s. it shares and this data allows advertisers to reach exactly the desired people.

3- Create surprises and different things
Announce that you will distribute gift vouchers to those who subscribe to your site or subscribe to your mailing list. Organize campaigns through social media in this way. Reward your members or people who shop regularly from your site.

Sunday Sunday, if you have a market on social media based on the product you sell, send free trial products to the sites or bloggers who dominate this market. By reviewing the products, ask him to write articles about your site and the product being sold. An article written about your site allows you to reach hundreds of people, thousands of people, taking into account their social circles, and can be characterized as a successful campaign. Send small gifts next to the purchased products. The customer who receives this gift will definitely reward you with a laudatory post from his twitter account on his facebook wall.

4- set up a blog that will support your e-commerce site
Market content, that is, by preparing high-quality content, direct visitors to your site from your content details to your sales page. Do not compromise the quality of your content, pay attention to using legible articles and attractive visuals. Many e-commerce sites in the sector also have an e-commerce block and offer high-quality content related to their products. You can also do this through services such as blogspot, medium, which are free of charge.

5- Have business cards written by your virtual store made
Create a business card that is compatible with the design of your site and adopts the products you sell. Examine the designs that have been made before, make sure that they reflect the identity of your own site. Share these business cards that you think you have in you with people all the time, distribute them to people you meet at events.

6- Coupon codes and the right Campaign
You can even see that almost all major institutions distribute gift vouchers, let alone e-commerce sites in the industry, and there are even hundreds of sites where you can find gift vouchers. People have an unbearable love for gift vouchers. When creating campaigns, gift vouchers are a method by which you can get a quick refund. In addition, the ”Free Shipping" campaigns are also very relevant and attractive for customers. Instead of giving a 10% discount on a product, you can withdraw the discount percentage to 5% or 4% by making the cargo free.

7- Prepare an infographic
An infographic is one of the smartest ways to convey certain information to people in an understandable way. It is also a tool that is shared very quickly on social media. For example, if you are selling shoes, you can prepare an infographic fed with visuals showing how the lengths change in km, which vary according to different regions. It should be an infographic that includes your site's logos and addresses so that it can feed back to your site as a visitor when shared.

8- Prefer videos
Make video broadcasts to collect sales or to market your popular products faster. An ad that is funny or gives its message well, in a place where a crowded community can see it, also spreads quickly on social media. In October, do not forget to share videos about the use and installation of your products.

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Virtual Store