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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol used to provide secure internet communication. SSL ensures that data is encrypted and transmitted securely. It is used especially on websites to protect the personal and sensitive data of users. SSL certificates allow us to see that a website starts with "https://" in the address bar and a lock icon appears in the browser.

Some advantages of using SSL:

Data Security: Since SSL encrypts data, users' private information (eg credit card numbers, passwords) cannot be intercepted by third parties.

Reliability: Sites with SSL certificates are perceived as more reliable and secure by users. This can allow visitors to spend more comfortably and longer on your site.

SEO Improvement: Google and other search engines give more value to sites with SSL certificates and encourage the use of HTTPS. Therefore, using HTTPS can positively affect your SEO performance.

Browser Warnings: Modern browsers may display an "Unsafe" warning to visitors on sites that do not have an SSL certificate. Using SSL avoids such warnings.

Mobile Compliance: SSL also provides data security on mobile devices and improves mobile user experience.

You can follow the steps below to obtain an SSL certificate:

SSL Provider Selection: Select an SSL certificate provider. These providers are usually paid, but some also offer free certificates.

Certificate Type Selection: Choose from different types such as Basic SSL, Wildcard SSL or EV SSL, whichever suits your needs. Wildcard SSL provides protection for multiple subdomains, while EV SSL requires more verification and provides a green bar security indicator.

Certificate Application: Apply for a certificate through your SSL provider's website. You will usually need to provide basic information and your domain name.

Verification Process: The SSL provider will initiate the verification process. Different methods can be used to verify that your domain is yours.

Certificate Installation: After the SSL certificate is obtained, you must install it on your hosting provider or server. Perform this step according to your hosting provider's documentation.

Using SSL can increase user trust as well as increase the security of your website. SSL is highly recommended, especially for e-commerce sites, user logins and sites that carry sensitive data.

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