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Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist, as many people think, spends almost all day on the Internet, or, as it is thought, he does not earn money from where he lives. (Okay, he sits, maybe most of the time, but he doesn't stand empty either). It's not easy being a social media expert like that…

The social media expert personality is expected to have the strength of ten tigers. Of course, the fact that eleven or twelve or more tigers can reflect their strength as a performance makes their career shine, but no matter how much their career shines, it doesn't mean much to anyone how to feed so many tigers. Because he is considered to be a single person who contains ten tigers (and of course more).

In fact, being a ”social media expert" means having experience in many areas from creativity to strategy; from writing to design; from advertising to marketing. Seriously... look how the social media guy has the power of ten tigers:

1- The Social Media Expert is John Nash.

He has a wonderful mathematical intelligence; his ability to analyze has the capacity to overshadow the most solid strategy organizations, “think tank” institutions.He must show his ”manager" that he is not wasting time on social media. He should be able to know ”analytics“, monitor traffic, interpret ”metrics" correctly; he should be able to show with concrete data how effective his work is and how it benefits his company.

2- The Social Media Expert is Dan Brown.

He is a good enough writer to produce original content that will attract everyone's attention. In doing this, he finds the popular material; he uses it in the best way.

Their posts should be clicked a lot; they should be ”best-sellers". It should circulate from language to language; it should force people to share. He knows his knowledge of language well enough that he may not follow it; if necessary, he distorts it as much as he wants. Also, the second and third language; if any, more is the “reason for preference”. He should translate his works into other languages himself.

3- The Social Media Expert is Andy Warhol.

It supports the contents it writes with visuals, graphics, videos. If it connects to the graphic designer, it loses time. On top of that, the content he has prepared until he tells him the words, he loses the diary.So, whether it's Photoshop, or at least a Premier, he should be able to learn and do visual design and video editing. He should also be able to take photos if necessary.

As Uncle Andy famously said“ "One day everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

4- The Social Media Expert is Sherlock Holmes.

SEO... Search Engine Optimization... Searches and finds the “keywords” that will bring their content to the top in search engines to ensure that their brand attracts attention on social media. Dec.A detective carefully examines "AdWords"; he feeds the words that will make his brand stand out, to its title, to its content.In order to increase the order of listing on Google, it should weave its content with the right keywords almost like lace.

5- Social Media Specialist Mr. It's Monk.

He manages to see the contents circulating in the whole social media world and sense which ones will be useful for his own brand and share them. It finds the points that will attract the attention of its target audience in the details; it ensures to be followed while strengthening the brand image with such smart shares.

6- The Social Media Specialist is Mrs. Topesto.

It is the customer representative who will be the first to contact existing and potential customers. Therefore, he has knowledge in the field of customer relations. He knows how to approach; he knows how to speak.

It should be able to take the heart of an angry customer; calm him down; arouse brand love in new customers.

7- The Social Media Expert is Paris Hilton.

He does the PR of his brand; creates new networks. While raising the image of the brand it represents in the eyes of the consumer / user, it gets in touch with influential names in the Sunday; it interacts with them.

They should follow the right names, the right institutions, and ensure that trend setters share their posts.

8- The Social Media Specialist is the Wachowski Sisters.

Since podcasts and videos attract serious attention on social media, he makes his own fiction when necessary in order not to waste time; he shares posts that will attract the interest of his customers. In doing so, he stays away from his own artistic concerns; he puts aside his dreams of awards. It produces the most understandable, watchable and content that will contribute to its brand.

9- The Social Media Expert is Elon Musk.

More than being open to innovations; he is the first person to comprehend and apply. It does not stay locked to three or five platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; it captures the rising new values from the very beginning and carries its brand there before anyone else.

Since new methods are constantly emerging in social media and next-generation marketing, he should be able to keep up with them.

10- The Social Media Expert is Ronald McDonald.

Just as he adds original flavors to his menu for each country he enters, the social mediator also prepares special contents suitable for that platform for each platform. It produces photo and video-oriented content on Facebook, post and link-oriented content on Twitter, and text-oriented content on its blog; it makes special shares that will whet the appetite of the user of each platform.

In summary, as is true for many professions, his job is not what it seems from the outside. And yes, social media expertise is not a hobby, a side job; it is a profession. Therefore, it really requires expertise. You can get help from Garanti Media, who have given their years to this business since the day social media appeared, in order to move your brand to the place it deserves by people focused only on social media and to achieve success in social media management, you can meet professionals whose job is only social media.

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Social Media Specialist