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Social media are digital platforms where users create, share, interact and form communities online. Social media emerged with the spread of the internet and quickly gained popularity.

Social media platforms allow users to share texts, photos, videos, comments and other media content. These platforms provide a medium for people to connect with their friends, create groups based on their interests, like, comment, share and interact with content.

Social media allows users to follow their news in real time, invite sharing, exchange ideas and interact with other people. In addition, brands, organizations, celebrities and other communities also use social media for marketing, brand awareness building and engagement with target audiences.

Limitations of social media platforms:

Facebook: Facebook, the world's largest media platform, allows users to expand their networks, share content, participate socially in events and create groups.

Twitter: It is a microblogging platform that allows users to share short messages (tweets), follow other users, follow trends and learn instant news.

Instagram: Focused on photo and video sharing, Instagram allows users to share, like, comment and create stories about their visual content.

LinkedIn: As a business-oriented social media platform, LinkedIn allows users to share their work experiences, establish their business focus, follow job postings, and expand their professional networks.

YouTube: As a video sharing platform, YouTube allows users to upload, watch, like and comment on their videos. It is also used by many individuals and institutions for the purpose of creating and publishing content.

Social media facilitates communication between people, ensures the rapid dissemination of information and news, and enables users to meet in communities of various interests. However, issues such as privacy, security and time management related to the use of social media should also be considered.

Social media are online platforms on the internet where users can share content, interact and exchange information. Social media platforms allow people to connect, communicate and share groups.

Social media refers to a set of businesses on the internet where people come together through various digital platforms to share information, interact and communicate. Social media allows users to share, like, comment, and be involved with their text, photos, videos, and other content.

Social media has many different platforms and each has its own unique structure. For example, Facebook is a social network about people's personal profiling friends and descriptions. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where short messages (tweets) are shared and instant communication with followers is provided. Instagram is a platform that focuses on photo and video sharing. LinkedIn enables professional networking and connecting with the business world.

Social media is an important marketing and brand tool awareness for businesses and brands as well as facilitating personal communication. Companies can promote their capacities, products, receive customer feedback and strengthen their brand image with their target audiences based on the assets of social groups. It is also possible to reach targeted audiences through social media ads and sponsored content.

Social media is also used to follow news, manage new trends, exchange ideas, join communities and attend events. However, the use of social media also presents some challenges and risks, for example factors such as privacy concerns, time management files and usage harassment.

As a result, social media is an important communication tool today and various social media tools are used for purposes in people's individual or business lives.

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