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Privacy Policy

From the owner the purpose of this Privacy Policy, Information Technology, marketing and trading joint stock company (“Owner” or the “company”) are managed by the address is located in the website (“Portal”) during the use of the obtained and/or received from third parties to determine the terms and conditions for the use of personal data. Expression not defined in this Privacy Policy and the membership agreement in the interpretation of the definition in use will be taken into account. Users to accept the membership Agreement shall be deemed to have accepted this Privacy Policy. However, membership of this Privacy Policy The processing of personal data relating to users outside of the relationship also has a quality

Corporate members when you invite a sub-Users agree that you must personally approve of this Privacy Policy. In line with this, the corporate Member which is determined by each sub-user from:

Check retrieved,
If the approval is obtained, the downstream user can use the portals
Each sub-user basis guarantees that a confirmation will be received.
The owner in the field of Internet technology by investing in innovative product and service applications with continuously renews itself in order to better serve its users and strives to give you the best service. From the owner, in order to achieve this purpose, users scope and the details of their personal data under the conditions described below operates.

How Are The Data Obtained?

From the owner collects your personal data and work more effectively to give you the best experience. Your data are collected using the following methods:

The data you have provided to us directly: for the use of the portal and the services performed prior to or during sahibinden refers to the personal data that users submit on their own initiative. This personal data all personal data that is given to users directly by sahibinden covers. For example, the full name, contact information, credentials, responses to questionnaires, demographic data, and enters data content this type of information.
The data that we obtain when you use our platform: provides sahibinden during the service, certain software or technological tools through users personal data about their usage habits covers. For example, interests and favorites along with location data and usage data includes such data.
From the owner to the site user for the purpose of online behavioral advertising and marketing from a member of their behavior even when they are not on the site a cookie in the browser and associate it with number of pages viewed, visit duration, and target has the right to define remarketing lists based on metrics such as the number of completion. Then the user on the site or on other sites in the Display Network to users according to their interests targeted advertising content can be displayed.

Google ads, Google may place a cookie to the users browser or guidance during AFS sahibinden place or read cookies on them, or may use web beacons to collect information.

Detailed information on data collection can be found below.

In Which The Data Are Collected?

The owner of the above-mentioned various methods for users with static (fixed) and dynamic (variable) data collects. Sahibinden depends on the features and services that use collected data.

Committed within the scope of the services provided under this title by the owner under Law No. 6698 regarded as personal data and the personal data protection, the data groups are listed below. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this Privacy Policy under the terms and conditions offered within the scope of “personal data” describes the following information statement. Your name and contact information: name, surname, phone, address, email address, billing information, Identification Number (national identification number), a photocopy of ID and other similar data. Authentication information: the user information to verify the identity of the membership and account passwords that are used to provide access to, user name, contact information, password hints, user numbers, ref numbers. Demographic data: date of birth, age, gender, occupation, preferred language, and similar data.

Usage data and favorites: from the data that is collected through various software and technological tools that make your devices, including but not limited to sahibinden because of their search or call centre, real estate index usage information, date and time data product is used, the index is created the query, provincial, District, neighborhood, viewed through the portal products, prices of a square meter, triage the options, the preferred method and date of return, the answer given the last date of entry into the portal channels are used, a doping type, post type, visited web sites the search terms entered, ads that the product and visited the categories of errors that occur during the use of the service and similar data.
Location data: the precise or the approximate locations comprises with data about users. Location data with GPS data from the address IP and port, user sahibinden while using mobile applications, where user wishes to search for postings around your own location and are used with permission.
Payment data:Agency and customer billing and payment information (name, surname, billing address), the member samples that are sent to the members of bank bills and payments received, payment number, invoice number, invoice amount, invoice date data, such as.
Data content: the brand is not fake that the requested documents (Invoice, warranty card, etc.), the product that the product belongs to the person or the authority on documents (deeds, licenses, trademark registration certificate, such as the tombstone information, membership information, notification, explanation, a solution description, satisfaction, the reason for notification, customer rating, renewal date, ref discretion, feedback, submission and document the reason for the error specified during the use of the service, the content, information, informational status Dec, Dec, similar data as the reason for the call.
Do I have to give my fingerprints?

The use of the fingerprint instead of the password in the mobile application with the application input you can choose. The mobile fingerprint identification device from the Settings section of the scope of the operation to be performed with that you will do that you can see fingerprints sahibinden transmitted in any way, will not be. Validation error alert is only sahibinden or via mobile device, and accordingly, the application is provided to your input. Check if not repeat the process or in another way, you will be redirected to log in. With the input fingerprint option the Settings section of your device, you can always turn it off.

The Collected Data Are Used For Which Purpose?

Your personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy and membership Agreement, and in accordance with the personal data protection law No. 6698 objectives detailed below will be handled in apartment.

The above data would be handled for the purpose of the categories below you will find detailed information about how.

Name and contact information: internal assessment, communication, user registration, a potential customer to obtain information, post-sales process development, business development, collection, customer portfolio management, promotion, analysis, complaint management, customer satisfaction, processes management, marketing, advertising, research, billing, event information, execution of operational activities, service quality measurement, improvement, audit, control, optimization, customer validation, marketing, sales, advertising, after sale services, fraud detection;

Credentials: user registration, problem/error reporting, auditing, and operational activities of development, implementation and post-sales processes development, business development, collection, company evaluation, customer portfolio management, measurement of service quality, communication, optimization, control, risk management;

Demographic data: promotion, internal evaluation, analysis, communication, and post-sales processes development, business development, collection, usage data and areas of interest-favorites: marketing, sales, advertising, audit and control, risk management, post-sales processes development, business development, collection, company evaluation, customer portfolio management, post-sales services, measurement of service quality, development, communication, complaint management processes to manage execution of operational activities and the development, registration, problem/error notification;

Location data: audit and control, risk management;

Payment data: managing the billing process, accounting, post-sales process development, business development, collection, company evaluation, customer portfolio management, post-sales services, communications, marketing, audit, control processes that are executed within the scope of payment service providers;

Content: business development, optimization, customer portfolio management, audit, control, and development of operational activities, business development, promotion, company evaluation, customer management, analysis, post-sales processes development, collection, post-sales services, communication, service quality measurement, improvement, complaint management will be able to be processed in order to carry out processes.

Users who responded to surveys held by the owner from periodic the requested information within the portal, and collaboration from the owner to the users by individuals in the conduct direct marketing, statistical analysis, improve processes, and data are used in order to create a base.


Where personal data is stored and Processed?
Your personal data that we obtain sahibinden domestically or abroad or its affiliates, subsidiaries, or service of the service provider in the facility with which it cooperates may be stored and processed in any other country.
Your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy contained herein and the provisions of the legislation in force in the country where the data are stored and processed within the scope of the safety measures prescribed and will be processed within.
The Data Are Shared With Whom?
The owner of personal data and new data obtained using the user’s own personal data, the membership Agreement and the performance of its services, user experience development (including improvement and personalization), to ensure the safety of users, detect fraud, services development, operational assessment, investigation, elimination of errors, the user is authenticated and this Privacy Policy in order to achieve the goals of any outsourcing service providers, shipping companies, law offices, research companies, call centers, complaint management and the provision of security software for companies, agencies, consulting companies, companies in the sector, social media outlets, including but not limited to, share such information with third parties.
Also, the user’s name and contact information, payment organization, the payment to be confirmed during the phase 26751 dated 9 January 2008 and in accordance with the Framework Convention published in the Official Gazette the Regulation On Measures for the Suppression of laundering proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism in accordance with the payment provider in order to be authenticated will be shared.
Obtained through cookies that are placed on your device your personal data with third parties of the scope and purpose specified in this Privacy Policy may be shared with.
The owner may transfer the personal data to third parties within the above mentioned categories will be able to transfer within the country and abroad.
Have access to your data and fix your demands
Concerning himself sahibinden by the user;
• If the personal data has been processed, learning,
• Personal data is processed, to claim knowledge of it,
• Whether it is used according to the purposes of the processing of personal data and their purpose for learning,
• Your personal data is transferred within or outside the country, knowledge of third parties,
• If personal data is processed incorrectly or missing, ask for them to be corrected,
• The conditions prescribed in the relevant legislation to the destruction or deletion of your personal data within the framework of the prompt,
• Made in accordance with relevant legislation, correction, deletion and destruction processes of requesting to be notified of the personal data transferred to third parties,
• Data is exclusively processed through automated systems by analyzing one’s self against one, the result of the appeal,
• The Elimination of damages in case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data demand
owns rights.
Located below the above-mentioned demands of the user, “how to find us?” specified in Article sahibinden will be able to transmit with the communication channel. The owner in accordance with the above demands, reasoned positive/negative response, or written in a digital environment can perform.
It is essential for transactions that are charged in relation to the required claims. However, transactions cost, if required by the personal data protection board, No. 6698 of the Law On Protection of personal data 13. It is possible to be charged at a rate specified in accordance.
Retention Period Of Personal Data
Giant Media, the personal data obtained from the service to the users to help make the most this Privacy Policy, and membership Agreement and specified pursuant to the terms of the agreement to fulfill the obligations of membership arising from the nature of the time that is required for the purpose on behalf of the store until they are processed.

In addition, the massive media in the event of any dispute that may arise from the sales agreement of the dispute within the scope of the realization of the necessary defense in order to be limited in accordance with relevant legislation and will be able to store personal data throughout the designated timeout period.
Safety and data our commitments
Massive media is committed to the secure protection of your personal data. The safekeeping of personal data and unlawful processing of your personal data and prevent access in order to ensure the appropriate level of security using a variety of methods and conducts technical and administrative measures to ensure security technologies. In addition, your private data are processed with qualified personal taking adequate measures as determined by the Board.
Personal data about this Privacy Policy and personal data protection No. 6698 massive media users in violation of the provisions of the law will not disclose it to someone else, and will not use except for the purpose of processing. Massive media in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy the sharing of personal data users of outsourcing service providers in case of outsourcing providers will comply with commitments under this clause in question declares.
However, to link to other applications through the portal is provided in the event that does not bear any liability for the content and privacy policies of huge media applications.
Changes To The Privacy Policy, Which Will Take Place On
Massive media update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time by publishing the provisions of through the portal. Massive media’s Privacy Policy will be effective upon posting on the portal and the changes made in the update.
How Can You Reach Us?
Subject to this Privacy Policy The user information is complete, accurate and current and that any changes in this information immediately in case of them undertakes that will update the From address. Shall not have any responsibility if the user’s current media has provided huge information.

The user of the above-mentioned demands, flood street modern districts 3/2 06170 yenimahalle/Ankara Turkey will be able to communicate in writing to my address. The user also may request the termination of the processing of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.