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In today's conditions, every product should be equipped with self-selling features. For this reason, packaging that protects the product and offers it to the consumer has gained great importance today.

In our era, the importance of packaging design and packaging in competition and mobility in the advertising market is indisputable. With the fact that packaging, which is the most three-dimensional of graphic design, has various functions, it is also possible to list a wide variety of definitions.

Several definitions of packaging in terms of its functions are made as follows;

Packaging; these are the containers and envelopes in which the goods are placed so that they can be stored and transported in a good way.

Packaging is a means of ensuring that a good is delivered to the end consumer without spoilage and at the least cost.

How is the Packaging Design Done?
Packaging is an advertising tool at a place of sale. It attracts the interest of the consumer and provides objective and emotional information about the goods it covers. Every time a consumer uses a product at home, it performs the function of strengthening the image and attitudes related to it.

Packaging is a sales call made by visual means.

It is a tool that carries the meaning of the product placed in the packaging.

In short, packaging “is a silent communication tool. 

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Packaging | Packaging Design