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Internet Sales

The “digital age” we are in is rapidly and significantly changing the way entrepreneurs conduct business. In this sense, the increasing number of online shoppers is leading many entrepreneurs who want to start a company for online sales to step into the e-commerce sector by opening a digital store.

As it is known; compared to owning a physical store, it is extremely easy to set up a company for online sales due to the low investment and operating costs. Therefore, setting up a company for online sales can be seen as one of the most important ways for many physical store owners to grow their business and increase their sales.

Here are the basic steps and important tips that entrepreneurs who want to start a company for online sales can follow…

1. The obligation to establish a company for sales over the Internet
Establishing a company to sell online; It is mandatory to pay taxes on products to be sold on the Internet, regardless of whether the company is an individual or an anonymous or limited liability company. In addition, entrepreneurs who set up a company for online sales; if they also have a physical store, they can offer their products for sale directly in their digital stores without having to set up a different company.

You can also read the article about What it takes to set up an E-commerce site on this topic.

2. Getting domain rental (domain name) and hosting (web hosting) services
It is extremely important that you start the process of setting up a company for online sales by registering a name, that is, a “domain” on behalf of your site; then you buy a “hosting” service for this “domain”. By the way, although “domain” is usually rented on the Internet on an annual basis; it is also possible to rent a “domain” for a longer period of time. Dec.

“Hosting”, which is an important step for your company formation process, can be defined as the area where you need to host all the visual and written content on the Internet that will be on your e-commerce site. In this sense, let's emphasize that a ”domain“ cannot be created for your site without a ”hosting" server infrastructure; therefore, your site cannot be published on the Internet.

3. Budgeting
Before you start trading online, it requires allocating a certain budget. In this sense, when determining your budget, it is a great benefit for you to calculate the costs required for the installation, software and product supply of your e-commerce site well.

Your budget may vary depending on the growth strategy of your e-commerce site. In this regard, you can either choose to make slow and steady progress by creating an income item in the long term, or to use digital marketing tools effectively to reach an important point in the short term, and you can also determine your budget according to your preference.

4. Building a strong infrastructure
When it comes to setting up a company for online sales, one of the most important issues to pay attention to is having a strong e-commerce package and infrastructure. entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce, mostly because they do not feel competent enough to decide on the important features that should be included in an e-commerce site; they can get free help from our e-commerce experts in this regard.

5. Clarifying the products
Another issue that you should have clarified when setting up a company for online sales is the products that you will sell on your site. As you know; if you have a physical store, you can offer unlimited October products for sale on your site in addition to your products there. But it is useful for entrepreneurs who will take a new step into e-commerce to clarify both their products and suppliers before launching their sites.

6. Determining pay options
Before setting up a company for online sales, you must also have determined the pay options that you will use on your site. Because in this sense; according to pay and shipping options, you may need to go to a bank branch to open an account for your e-commerce company and sign up with a shipping company. In addition, if you are going to accept pay by credit card, it is extremely important that you make a virtual POS application to banks; for this purpose, you must have an e-commerce site that meets the criteria requested by the bank.

Where and How Should I Start?
Based on the tips we have shared, you can also have information about the important steps of setting up a company for online sales and you can significantly increase your income by selling online. Garanti Media is always by your side with its special and intelligent solutions for everything that will increase your sales and profitability in e-commerce.

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Internet Sales