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Internet Advertising

Ankara Internet advertising We call the promotional activities we do in order to present the existence of our products and services on online channels (internet), which are called virtual Life, to our potential customers who are internet users for a fee, internet advertising.

Internet advertising is also the most effective method used to reach our potential customers.

Why Internet Advertising?

Ankara Internet advertising Internet advertising, which has become the most effective advertising medium today, has many advantages for advertisers. Let's take a look at the advantages that Internet advertising offers to advertisers together.

Advantages of Internet Advertising
It provides access to a wide range of Internet advertising users.
Location, gender, age, area of interest, etc. offers a wide range of targeting options.
It allows you to have two-way interaction with the customer through many different Internet channels.

Credit card, money order, etc. for those who advertise on the Internet in Ankara. there are many pay options available.

Internet advertisers may prefer the types of ads that they can only pay for when their ads are clicked.
It allows you to get to know your customers and allows you to create personalized ads according to individual needs.
TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. are much lower cost than traditional types of advertising.

How many people have seen the Ankara Internet advertisement? It offers clear reports and analyses that can be measured, such as how many have shown interest or purchased. The pre-preparation time of Internet ads is much shorter than traditional advertising types.

Thanks to the flexible structure of Internet advertising, you can broadcast your ads on the dates and time zones you want, or you can change the images, text content, and even the targeting of your ads during the broadcast.
Since Internet advertising takes place entirely in a digital environment, there is almost no harm to nature and the environment.

Disadvantages of Internet Advertising
Internet advertising has its advantages as well as some disadvantages. Let's take a look at these.

Ankara Internet advertisement

Only internet users can be targeted
Consumers are not able to closely examine your product
The problem of trust in the Internet
Lack of knowledge about Internet advertising
What are the Types of Internet Advertising?
There are many types of internet advertising that will allow advertisers to reach their potential customers. Let's look at these types of advertising together now.

Dec. Search Engine Advertising
Thanks to search engine sites (google, yandex, baidu, yahoo, bing, etc.), we can easily access web pages that have the content we are looking for on the internet environment with millions of websites by using search terms (keywords) that express the content we need. Decryption of the Decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the decryption of the

Search engine advertising, on the other hand, is the advertising results that appear Decently on the results page as a result of searches we make using these sites, along with the results listed for free.

Ankara Internet advertisers Decipher the words related to their products and services and allow their ads to be displayed next to the free results in search results made with search terms containing these words. Dec. Advertisers pay only when their ads are clicked on in search engines. Dec.Among the search engines, the most preferred search engine is the google search engine. Dec.Dec search engine is the most preferred search engine. Dec.dec search engine. In order to advertise on the Google search engine, the Google Ads (AdWords) service is used. Dec. In addition, if we need to specify Dec, we can say that search engine advertising is the most effective type of Internet advertising.


Video Advertising
When it comes to video advertising, the first internet medium that comes to mind is the Youtube video hosting site. Although Youtube is a video hosting site, it is the second largest search engine in the world after Google search engine thanks to the video search part it contains. Dec.Dec. Youtube is a video hosting site. Dec.dec. is the second largest search engine in the world after Google search engine. I would like to remind you that Google is in these two platforms. That's why if you want your video ads to be published on Youtube, you need to use the AdWords service, which is Google's advertising program again.

Youtube Ads and Youtube Advertising Models

With Youtube video ads, you can publish your ads in the video search results, before the video, inside the video, on Youtube pages in the form of Decals or headlines of the Youtube homepage. Youtube ads can be charged with viewing time, per-impression and per-click costs.

Banner (Display) Ads
Display ads, also known as content network ads, are moving or still advertising images that can be placed in placements of different sizes on various web pages. Advertisers for these areas have the option to pay per impression or per click. You can make location-based and demographic targeting with banner ads, as well as to the remarketing audiences that you will create, that is, you can show your ads on different web pages by tracking your potential customers who have visited your web page before

You can use various content network network channels to publish display ads, as well as it is possible to take advantage of the Google AdWords display network service, which has the most common display advertising network.

Mobile Application Promotional Ads
The most important issue for advertisers who have mobile applications is to ensure that their applications can be downloaded. Only in this way can they realize the sale of their products and services through their applications. Application promotion ads are aimed at downloading applications by mobile internet users via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Mobile application ads can be displayed on many different digital advertising networks. Again, you can take advantage of the Google AdWords service, which has the most widespread advertising network in this regard.

In mobile application ads, advertisers are charged for a transaction that they want to take place within the installation or application.

Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising is one of the indispensable channels of internet advertising. Facebook Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Social networking sites are among the sine qua non for advertisers who want to reach their potential customers Decently. Among social media networks, Facebook is the most preferred social media medium for internet advertising. With Facebook ads, advertisers can make demographic, location-based and remarketing targeting, as well as publish their ads by selecting ad formats such as photos, videos, loops and slideshows.

Ankara Internet advertising The most important advantage of social media advertising is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential customer. At the same time, social media channels play an important role in increasing customer loyalty.

Facebook pay advertisers who publish their ads through Facebook have the opportunity to pay per impression or click again.

Email Advertising
Email advertising is another most preferred type of internet advertising. Businesses can send e-mails with bulk advertising content to e-mail addresses that they have obtained by legal means for their products and services.

Ankara Internet advertisers can display ads for their products and services with demographic, interest and remarketing targeting options, such as Yandex Mail, Gmail, etc. In addition to their own e-mail data, they can also display ads for their products and services in e-mail services. Yandex.In order for your ads to be published in Mail, you need to use Yandex Direct, and in order for you to publish ads in Gmail, you need to use Google Ads (AdWords) service.

Promotional Letter (Content) Advertising

Ankara Internet advertising Some of the content of the web pages visited by internet users during the day consists of promotional articles that are actually advertising content. Content ads, which are an effective type of internet advertising, are a type of viral (hidden advertising) advertising that is not noticed by the reader.

Promotional articles are mostly placed on high-traffic news and blog pages. As with other types of internet advertising, location targeting and demographic targeting can be performed.

Internet Advertising Professionals
Internet advertising is not a simple enough subject that can be delivered to those who do not have enough knowledge about it. That's why advertisers get services from professional experts about internet advertising. Let's get to know these experts closely now.

Google Ads / AdWords Expert
When we think that the flagship of Internet advertising is Google Ads / AdWords, it would not be wrong to say that the most important service provider in this field is people who are Google Ads Experts. Google Ads specialists manage search engine, display, video, Gmail and Mobile Application ads for advertisers.Dec.

Social Media Specialist

As the name of Ankara Internet advertising suggests, people who are Social Media Experts manage advertisers' social media accounts and social media ads. But it is useful for you to know that the number of specialists who do both together here is small. The reason for this is actually due to the fact that Social Media account management and advertising management are different areas of expertise.

Digital Marketing Specialist
The concept of a digital marketing specialist is a fairly broad one. They have information about almost every medium, but they are not account managers. The task of digital marketing specialists is to analyze and report to senior management the performance of freelance specialists or agencies that the company is providing services to on behalf of the company they are affiliated with.

Advertising and Copywriter

Internet Advertising