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Instagram Sales

One of the most popular social networks of recent times has undoubtedly been Instagram. Many brands have also started to increase their activity in this medium by highlighting their products through Instagram and interacting with users.

With the increasing popularity of Instagram, companies want to increase their recycling rates by directing sales through this channel. So, is it possible to direct sales via Instagram? If possible, how can this be done?

Use a quality visual
If you want to sell users through Instagram, the quality of the images you share on this medium must be high. The use of images with low resolution or that do not reflect the product well may not attract the attention of visitors.

Users who see your content may not want to buy these products because the product is not sufficiently prominent and understandable.

Be active on Instagram
It is very important that you are active in order to attract the interest of users through this platform and direct them to your products. A person from your team needs to check this account at December intervals during the day, review the incoming comments, and provide support to them by responding to user comments when necessary.

In line with your business volume and social media activity, you can also post a few posts here during the day. It is important that you share at least 2 content per day. This way you will ensure that your followers do not forget you.

You may have different product groups, so you may want to share more photos, but you should also avoid spamming. Because you are a brand and offer a product to consumers, they may not like that too many product photos are seen on the users' homepage. That's why sharing 2 to 5 posts in one day can be ideal.

By doing A/B tests, you can find out which December hours are ideal for you to share.

Take advantage of the power of video
Video content has always been more interesting. You can make 15-second videos about your products or share videos about these products here.

You can create different video concepts according to your products. However, you should also not forget here; Instagram users can control their accounts using 3G and pass through video shares without playback because video display increases their data usage.

For this reason, you should also share photos of the products you share videos with here.

Prepare an interesting explanation text
Also, make sure to write an interesting description when sharing your photos or videos. Users may have different approaches to the length of texts. However, since Instagram is a photo sharing network, usually very long descriptions can bore users, and therefore these texts may not be read. That's why your explanations should be as interesting as possible.

But there is also one point that should not be forgotten. Users quickly pass through photos that don't interest them, but when they see a product that interests them, they start reviewing that product. That's why you can attract the attention of a user at any time. When this happens, users will want to have information by reading the descriptions you have written about the product.

For this reason, it is useful to write your product descriptions again; however, you should not extend it too much and go beyond the purpose of Instagram.

Do not spam in the use of hashtags
You should also pay attention to the use of hashtags to make sales from Instagram. The use of hashtags is quite important, but it is much more important to use these hashtags without spamming.

You can use hashtags related to the product, brand and sharing topic, but using hashtags related to topics that have little to do with you and filling half of your content text with these hashtags may annoy users and may be perceived as Spam. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the use of hashtags.

Add text on the image
If you want to highlight and announce the products included in a campaign or discount, you can also add texts on top of the images.

You can write the information or discount rates with the campaign in these texts. Writing prices on these images may cause problems for consumers in terms of perception. Some users may be uncomfortable with this situation. In addition, if we look at it from the brand point of view, the user will not visit your website because he will see the price of the product here. This prevents you from offering them other opportunities and products on the site and reduces the number of visits to your page.

For this reason, you can use expressions such as “discount rate” or “valid for a short period of time” instead of the price on the images.

Use the link to your website in your profile
In your Instagram profile, type the internet address that you want users to go to. The “your website” section on the about page of your profile is the only place where you can direct a link to a sale via Instagram. For this reason, users can come to your site via the link you will place here.

As we mentioned above, you cannot share the relevant product link under the photos you share. Instagram has not yet opened this application for use. For this reason, brands cannot direct users to a specific page via Instagram.

When entering your product descriptions, tell users that they can be directed to the site via the link in your profile. Even if you add links under the content, this is not very useful in terms of user experience. After users copy the link there, they need to open the page via the internet browser on their phones, so that users on touch-screen phones do not want to go to so much trouble.

Try to respond to messages as soon as possible
When users start following you and want to ask questions about products, they can reach you via messages. Therefore, it is very important that you respond to consumers' questions by checking the messages received here December by December.

The person who controls this account should be able to provide technical support when necessary, or take the user's contact information and direct it to the relevant department of your company.

Leave a comment and follow the accounts about you
You can also follow the accounts related to you. This way you can see the shares made from these accounts and you can leave comments under these photos when a post is made about your products or a similar topic.

You can also follow what is being said about you, and you can reach people wherever necessary, or you can leave comments and interact with users by tagging people under that photo.

Promote your sales account on Instagram from other channels
It is very important that you promote your Instagram account through other platforms as well. You can share your Instagram account via Facebook and Twitter, and you can also direct your followers to this channel.

At the same time, by highlighting your Instagram account through your website, you can direct visitors to your page to like this account.

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