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Gigantic: Meaning, Uses and Highlights

As in every language, Turkish has a rich vocabulary. These words have been brought into our language by being influenced by cultural, social and technical fields. In this article, we'll take the word "colossal" and focus on its meaning, uses, and highlights.

What is Colossal?

"Huge" is an adjective often used in the Turkish language, meaning extraordinarily large in size, breadth, or effect. The designation of something as gigantic usually attracts attention because of its extraordinary size or impressiveness and causes people to be admirably fascinated.

Uses of Giant

The word "colossal" is used frequently in various fields. For example:

Natural Structures and Geography: Huge mountains, lakes and waterfalls are found all over the world. Mount Everest is one of the most well-known examples with its gigantic height. Likewise, the gigantic Amazon Forest is one of the largest in the world.

Architecture and Construction: Massive buildings, bridges, and skyscrapers are notable examples of modern architecture. For example, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a gigantic structure as it is the tallest building in the world.

Industry and Technology: Giant ships, airplanes and other vehicles are examples of large-scale structures used in industry and technology.

Art and Literature: Artworks and literary works can also be huge and leave a deep impression on people. A colossal statue or a colossal novel can have significant repercussions in the world of art and literature.


Some notable elements in the use of the word "colossal" are:

Exciting and Impressive: The word "colossal" is used to emphasize that something is beyond the ordinary and it gets people excited.

Engineering and Success: Successfully completing large projects reflects people's engineering skills and achievements.

Tourism and Discovery: Huge structures and natural beauty are an important attraction for tourism and represent new places waiting to be discovered.


The word "colossal" is a powerful adjective used to refer to things extraordinary in size and impact. Natural structures, technological advances, works of art, and many other things that are gigantic are special assets that people admire and are impressed by. The use of the word "colossal" is a powerful tool for emphasizing something from the ordinary to the extraordinary. That's why things that are huge in every field attract people's attention and are greatly appreciated.

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Gigantic: Meaning, Uses and Highlights