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Delivery And Return

Distance Sales Contract

Commercial name : giant media-Joseph ATTACK
Address : 3/2 Street Flood modern districts of yenimahalle/Ankara
Phone : 0 312 425 82 80
The seller e-mail address :
Massive Media Call Center: 0 312 425 82 80
Name and surname :
Address :
Phone :
Of the contract by the buyer is confirmed in an electronic environment-the-counter goods that are purchased from the vendor and Purchaser entered into force/the performance of services by delivering it to the recipient. Goods/services, the buyer’s address specified in the order form and this Agreement and the specified authorised person/persons will be delivered.
The costs of delivery of the goods are borne by the buyer unless there is a provision to the contrary. On the website itself shall be borne by the seller declares that the Delivery Fee if the delivery costs shall be borne by the seller. The delivery of the goods; the seller, if the stock is available, and after the realization of the payment, is done in the time promised. The seller of the ordered goods/services without prejudice to the fulfillment of the act imkansizlastig the extent of the Goods/Service by the purchaser of the goods/services delivered within the contract period from the time of ordering. Any reason by the buyer for Goods/service fee is cancelled if payment is not paid by the bank or seller of goods/services are released from the obligation of delivery is considered.
After conferral of the goods dispatched by the seller or the mail is sent, but the recipient has been received by made by the buyer in the cancellation of the Order before shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
Recipient, without any reason and without assuming any legal or criminal liability for purchased goods/services after the delivery date of 14 (fourteen) days to return by using his right of withdrawal.The right of withdrawal notifications and the statement of the poet in relation to a contract, seller and/or specified on the website will be sent through communication channels. GIANT MEDIA, BUSINESS SINCE THIS DISTANCE WAS NOT A PARTY TO THE SALES CONTRACT, THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL FROM THE MEDIA AGAINST THE DP HUGE PRICE IS UNAVAILABLE OR A REFUND CANNOT BE CLAIMED. The right of withdrawal to the seller within the period for the use of the site and the provisions of the legislation in the option to use the right of withdrawal has to be notified in accordance. Using the right of withdrawal in case of: a) The Purchaser exercises his right of withdrawal from ten (10) days and sends it back to the seller within the goods. b) The goods to be returned under the right of withdrawal box, package, if you have the goods as a gift if you have the standard along with other accessories of the products must be returned in complete and undamaged. Use the right of withdrawal after 14 (fourteen) days will be refunded in the manner it pays to the Buyer the goods within. Goods being returned to the vendor, the original invoice which is presented to the recipient during the delivery of the goods by the buyer must be returned.
We will refund the Buyer the goods the seller contracted by carrier as specified in onbilgilendirme the form is sent to the return shipping cost unless the seller belong to seller. The seller will return the goods as specified in the form of the receiver onbilgilendirme outside of the return shipping costs if the contracted carrier shipping with a shipping company sends the goods and the seller is not responsible for damages they may suffer in the process.
The right of withdrawal cannot be used in the following cases: a) varying the price depending on fluctuation in financial markets and Contracts for goods or services which are not under the control of the seller (Trappings, gold and silver products in category A) B) the consumer’s requests or prepared according to his needs clearly personal nature are not suitable to be sent back to danger or disruption likely to pass quickly and the expiration date which are contracts for delivery of goods c) after the delivery, Packing tape, seal, protective elements such as package goods have been opened; in terms of health and hygiene in the appropriate refunds for non-delivery contracts (d) after the delivery of goods mixed with other products that cannot be distinguished by the nature of contracts e) by the consumer, packaging, tape, seal, protective elements that are provided such as the package opened, the material presented in the book environment, audio or video recordings, software programs, contracts and computer supplies f) except for those provided under the Subscription Agreement, the newspaper in contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as magazines, g) needs to be done in a specific date or period, accommodation, goods transport, car rental, food and beverage and entertainment for the purpose of procurement made for the assessment of free time or recreation in the contract h) relating to bets and lotteries in the performance of services for the Convention I) the right of withdrawal before the end of the period, with the approval of the consumer, to fulfill contracts that were introduced for services i) the services to be performed in the electronic environment with intangible goods that are delivered to the consumer instantly in the contract and the contract subject of goods/services excluded from the scope of application of the Regulation on distance contracts (which is delivered to the recipient’s home seller with regular deliveries of foodstuffs, beverages or other daily consumer goods, travel, accommodation, restaurant, the entertainment industry in areas such as services) goods/services consisting of the type of case, the legal relationship between the Buyer and the seller due to failure to enforce the provisions of the Regulation on distance contracts right of withdrawal shall not be exercised. Holiday for sale in such a category of goods/services the vendor application and rules are subject to Cancellation and refund terms.
6 (six) composed of matter) this Agreement by the Parties on the date of approval by the purchaser and electronically arranged by 10/07/2017 concluded and has entered into force.