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Corporate Identity

Think about millions of people. The type of each of them, the way they speak, hand movements, facial expressions, clothing style, perfume they use, hairstyle are different from each other. Everyone reflects their own style. The more different and remarkable a person's style is, the more he manages to attract the attention of the other person. As a result, those around him also wake up wanting to communicate with that person. Isn't it?

Corporate identity is not much different from this either. Corporate identity; It is the name given to all the ways of representing the stance and behavior of an institution in marketing. It is the way the institution expresses itself. Just like with individuals, it is of infinitely greater importance for an institution to be able to communicate with its target audience and attract their attention.

What are the main elements that make up the corporate identity?

1 - Logo & Slogan
Logo design and slogan are the two most important elements in the formation of a corporate identity. The first item that attracts the consumer's attention about a brand is the logo of that brand. Then the slogan he read. A slogan consisting of just a few words can give many clues about the business the brand does and what it offers. That's why it's very important.

2 - Corporate Color and Font
Corporate colors and fonts are like the shadow of a brand, they follow the brand wherever it is. Corporate websites, official documents, envelopes, business cards, files, etc. there are definitely traces and reflections of them everywhere, so a lot of attention should be paid when choosing. Every corporate color must necessarily represent a certain idea. Corporate colors should be a kind of symbol of the messages and emotions you want to give to your customers. It should arouse positive emotions, encourage you to buy your products.

3 - Corporate Identity Book
A corporate identity book is a guide to the corporate identity of a brand. That is why it is extremely important. A stranger looking at the book should easily understand how your brand's corporate identity should be used. It is as important to protect the corporate identity as it is to be clear. All the golden rules for ensuring continuity are also included in this book. Colors that need to be used, colors that should never be used fonts, etc.

4 - Business card
A business card carries a corporate mini-presentation feature. A business card carries all the information that the other party may need about a person or company. In the past years, business cards were produced only rectangular and to certain standards, but today they are an important advertising tool. The shape, color, the quality of the paper, the originality of the design can give a lot of ideas to someone who has just met your brand and send a lot of messages.

5 - Letterheads, Envelopes, Files, CDs…
Letterheads are one of the documents that support your corporate identity. These are the papers on which all the corporate information of your company is printed. The use of letterhead, letterhead envelopes, files in all kinds of written documents that you share with your current and potential customers plays an important role in reflecting your corporate identity and style to the other side.

6 - Other
* Accounting documents (Continuous form, Invoice, Waybill, Receipt)
• Company clothing rules
• E-mail design
* Vehicle designs
• Building facade dressing
* Design rules for promotional materials such as newspapers, magazines, etc.
* Wrapping paper
* Promotional materials
* Calendar
Corporate identity elements are not limited to 4-5 items. Each brand can be reproduced according to its own needs. What is important is that brands determine their needs correctly and move forward under the guidance of the corporate identity book in every aspect of brand life. Otherwise, there will be a confused identity in the consumer's mind, not a clear idea about your brand.

If you want your company to have a different attractive corporate identity, start your corporate identity design project immediately.

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Corporate Identity