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Commercial Film

As it is known, advertising films are made for television channels, cinema and Internet media. The most widely watched of these are television promotional films. Films made for television; There are advertising films, animated films, jingles, advertising films consisting only of images and texts, spotlights, advertising films created with the animation of objects together with actors, and dozens of types of films with different design structures and themes in this way. Nowadays, when they are broadcast on the most televisions, they have the most viewers. Depending on the intensity of their day, people spend at least a few hours in front of televisions every day. The people we are talking about here are usually working people. Children watch the appropriate broadcasts of television channels in the morning and in the evening. Housewives, especially during daylight hours, keep their televisions on all the time. Therefore, television promotions are watched by almost every segment, at different hours, but absolutely.

Advertising films are usually designed by agencies. In accordance with the goals and needs of the company, the agencies, together with the production company, prepare the films with the support of the actor and the promotion agency. The copywriters of the films are copywriters, art directors and filmmakers who work in their agencies. Sometimes it is written jointly, sometimes by a copywriter or art director. After the text is written, the screenwriters turn it into a script. The shooting of the film is done by the production, that is, the production company. The actor and promotion agency also provides and makes use of celebrities, theater actors, cinema artists, dancers, mannequins, normal and people with a certain characteristic who want to be used in the Jul. The same agency provides and makes use of the tools and equipment desired to be used in the Jul.

These are also released in cinemas at the same time. Films that are in vision are released at designated times before they start. In the same way, movies are also broadcast on the Internet and presented to the taste of users. Nowadays, videos made for this purpose are circulating on the agenda. As it is known, after the filming of the films is completed, all the necessary formats are prepared for the promotion to be shown in different media, CDs, videos and on the Internet after the post-production work is completed. After being put into the form of promotional videos, these videos are published both on the official websites of the relevant companies and by ensuring that they are distributed from person to person.

The fact that promotional films are entertaining, the use of celebrities beloved by society in their content, targeting the wishes of consumers allows them to be watched. Promotional films are being watched from almost all media. In addition, the technology used in promotional films is being developed every day and attracts the attention of consumers with new elements.

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Commercial Film