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Amazon, which has been mentioned frequently in the e-commerce sector, officially started its adventure in Turkey on September 19, 2018.

Sam Nicols, director of Amazon Turkey, who made a statement about Amazon's activities in Turkey, said, “Today we are excited to offer millions of products to our customers in Turkey together with more than one of our domestic sellers. In the coming months, we will increase our product range and delivery options and improve our activities in Turkey in order to provide the best customer service,” he said, giving a brief information about Amazon's Turkey goals.


Amazon Turkey Offers Services in 10 Different Categories!
Amazon Turkey offers millions of products to online shopping enthusiasts in 10 different categories such as electronics, construction market, personal care. More than 1000 Turkish businesses have also started operating on Amazon Turkey's online shopping platform.

Amazon Turkey Will Make You Talk about the Speed of Delivery With the Express Delivery Option!
It is known that one of the things that people who do not have the opportunity to shop on the field in the hustle and bustle of daily life or who are passionate about online shopping pay attention to when shopping online is fast delivery. Aware of this fact, Amazon Turkey also promises speed in delivery to its users with the “Express delivery” option in delivery. Let's not forget that Amazon Turkey has also reached an agreement with MNG Kargo for standard delivery.

Amazon, one of the giants of the e-commerce sector, aims to provide a perfect experience to Turkish users by starting operations in Turkey

Let's take a look at Amazon Turkey in terms of user experience (UX).


Amazon, which started its operations in Turkey with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, is a brand that makes its name in the e-commerce sector by closely following today's trends and investing in digitalization. In addition, it comes across as a leading brand in online shopping with its website and user experience (UX) studies. Well does de give us this feeling?

X because I am someone who uses the company's e-commerce site often unfortunately, the design of the site did not create the expected effect for me. when we enter the address, we first encounter a simple and eye-watering design.

Since the search console, categories, login button and shopping cart options are placed at the beginning of the main page, users have the opportunity to easily access what they are looking for on the site.

The images used to show the categories on the main page of the site remain mediocre in creating the expected effect on the user. Can users who visit the site for online shopping say, "yes, I should buy product x from Amazon"? In order for users to answer “yes” to this question, the images used to illustrate the category had to be designed in a striking and convincing way, with the content of the category in vivid colors.


In the product listing section on the main page, Amazon, which offers easy use to the user, allows users to easily access the category and subcategories they are looking for in the product listing. Amazon's provision of detailed information about the product on its product pages also allows users to easily access “features, opportunities, delivery time and alternative products”.


It would be an appropriate statement to say that Amazon Turkey remains weak in terms of user experience. I think the fact that Amazon is a few steps ahead of its x competitor operating in Turkey in terms of user experience will affect the favorability of Amazon at the moment…

Do you know that Amazon Turkey prefers iyzico in the pay infrastructure?

While Amazon's start to operate in Turkey has caused quite a stir in the sector, the fact that it has chosen a Turkish company in the pay system has increased this excitement even more.

The start of Amazon Turkey's operations has caused many comments, both positive and negative. The Deceleration of Amazon's Turkey activity and the fact that it remains weak in terms of user experience are among the main reasons for the negative comments.

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Amazon South Africa e-commerce